Welcome friends, I'm Nadia!

Born, raised, rooted, and rising in Richmond, Virginia, I am designing a life that I love.

I am an only child and credentialed first generation college graduate with over 20 years experience in accounting, business management, and event management. I was raised by proud parents who came of age at the end of the Civil Rights Movement and grandparents whose earliest memories are of the Great Depression in the Jim Crow South. As far back as I can remember, I have exceeded expectations and written my own narrative.

Most of my life I associated worth with productivity. I felt the stress and added pressure of spreading myself too thin. As en employee, I gave time and talent to spaces where I was discouraged from showing up as my authentic self.

Through a series of life events, lots of therapy, and inner work, I have learned that I’m worthy just as I am. I have also learned that I thrive when creating my own path, rather than dimming my light to fit in.

I believe I am intended to live a life OF purpose, ON purpose. Much of my purpose is centered around encouraging those I encounter to slow down, stop the hustle, savor the moment, and glow in their own gifts. I've created two profitable businesses and assisted numerous business owners on their path to profitability and freedom.

I believe our society has normalized stress and neglected rest. I’m here to model harmonious living and inspire you to choose joy.

I love sharing my story and expertise with large and small audiences. I equally enjoy speaking from the main stage and leading intimate workshops. I encourage you to attend, hire me to speak or to lead a workshop at your next event.

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